7th October 2014.  The only acting work on my horizon at present is the role of Hymen in a production of As You Like It, to be produced and directed by Hugh Allison at Curtains Up, Barons Court in January 2015.  My old friend Linda Large is in charge of costumes and it seems that I am to be dressed all in green.  Perhaps I shall be mistaken for a tree.

In the middle of September I found myself in Abergavenny playing the role of Farmer Jones in a wonderfully bizarre comedy thriller feature film called The Great Unwashed, whose plot could be summarized as Tree Huggers versus Hairdresser Murderers.  This film directed by Louis Fonseca and produced by his sister Izzy Fonseca, was about as much fun to be part of, as one could possibly hope for or dream of.

The day before taking the train to Wales, I had performed my final scene in a  bleak, low budget feature film called Simon – The Movie, produced and directed by Warren Badenski. It tells the horrific story of a serial killer.  My role was The Psychiatrist who diagnoses, assesses and treats the multiple killer.  But the psychiatrist, though insightful and highly intelligent has his own dark hinterland. 

At the beginning of September I journeyed to Axminster in South Devon to take the title role in a horror short called The Shape, though it has to be admitted that I was a somewhat shapeless Shape. Shot entirely at night in chiaroscuro lighting, I murdered a number of young women.  This miracle was achieved by some kind of film magic as I never encountered a single one of my victims.

In August, acted in a dramatic short film  Me and The Devil written and produced by the New York cineaste Alexander Brera.  Filmed in the Farringdon area of East London, I played an old gangster who meets up with another dangerous criminal from his past, a role played by Hayward Morse.  It was indeed a pleasure to work with this great actor.

Webcast is a micro-budget feature film with a large cast and a very long shooting schedule, which began in 2013 and was filmed off and on over more than a year. It’s a horror flick that takes place in a North London Cul de Sac, where a murderous cult of witches terrorizes the neighbourhood.. I played the Grandfather of a young female journalist who is trying to investigate and document on film the ghastly goings on.
I’m not well known for commercial work, much less photographic modeling but in July I was summoned to an impressive studio complex called The Worx in Parsons Green, Chelsea to promote  a medicinal product.  The shoot was directed and photographed by Johnny Boylan,.  I suggested to him that he might have done better casting a professional model but he replied that he did not like working with models and he had chosen me because I looked more like a normal human being.  I found this quite encouraging but the fact remains that I was 3 hours in make-up – and I was the “Before Taking” aspect of the medication.

In June I undertook my first theatrical job of the year in the role of The Father in a play called El Tragaluz “The Basement Window” by the Lope de Vega award winning Spanish author Antonio Buero Vallejo, a UK premiere, produced at Theatro Technis in Camden and directed by Daniel Fais, his first attempt at directing.  My character, The Father, suffers from dementia.  I’m not sure how I managed to get cast in this role… but the play is a powerful work by an undervalued playwright.

The music video Jonathan Matthias, Jackie Bouvier was pretty impressive with a large cast, filmed in a derelict factory in East London, directed by Virgil Ferragut for Village Green/Blink.  It was freezing cold, which made life difficult for the numerous scantily clad young actresses.  My role was as some kind of a Cult Priest.

The Sanctuary of Colliel is a remarkable short film based on an actual event in the Spanish Civil War. I played the role (in Spanish) of General Jesus Pascual and ended up murdered in a forest. Filmed in a studio in London and then on location in Hampshire and Sussex, the large cast got very cold and wet as it was filmed in a rainstorm. 

2014 began well for me with a corporate film for Rolls Royce.  I took the role of Sir Henry Royce.